Another Uncensored Story

It’s not good to share my thoughts on internet. It really is not good especially you are in situation where someone watch over you. However, I made it. Okay, I will act as if don’t care of what they would said if they knew this article. Dare to be brave. haha

The beginning of my college life wasn’t good enough. I made quite big mistakes. I should had known that solidarity is a must in-faculty-of-engineering-in-whole-universities-and-institutes-in-Indonesia, my lovely country. It’s the culture. Selfishness can be considered as betrayal. Well, I’m not the one who would sacrifice my life for others who are not worth it. That’s why I was different among my friends. I can say I was an “outlier”. Actually, I’m individual, do everything by self, and feel ashamed to ask for help. I feel vulnerable if I do so.

Uhm, I still can’t believe I study at one of the greatest, prominent university, Gadjah Mada University, at faculty of engineering. Well if you knew, it’s like Yale in Indonesian version. I didn’t expect I would be here.

So and then, this new environment is a brand new start to me. As someone who’s lone wolf, awkward, merely shy girl. I had to adapt to the area where you only find boys talking about machine and electricity. It’s easier than I thought.

Talking about GPA, mine was 2.55/4 ahahahahahahawhatashame!ahahahaaha. HUH! IT’S SHAMEFUL!. I couldn’t manage my time.

They say, no effort was in vain. Yeah, I got 3 As, A for Introduction of Geodesy and Geomatics, A for English, and A for Pancasila(browse it on Google if you don’t know what it is).

Feel free to comment! Correct me if you find my English is broken. or ask anything, I’ll be very happy to answer. You may also ask about Yogyakarta and or Gadjah Mada University or anything about Geodetic Engineering. Enjoy reading!